RenEnergy for life

Which product best suits my needs?

We provide you with the most appropriate and cost effective renenewable solution for your individual needs, from choosing the right product to helping you with grant applications
Solar PV
We use the highest quality PV products from around the world that will deliver maximum efficiencies. PV is a long term investment and we only select suppliers with a long history in the industry ensuring they will be around to honour their warranties and guarantees.
Renewable heat
Renewable heat systems are a low carbon alternative to fossil fuelled boilers. A well designed, efficient system can meet 100% of your heating and hot water needs whilst offering significant savings and protection against rising energy prices.
Wind power
Wind turbines produce electricity by using the natural power of the wind. RenEnergy supply small scale wind turbines for domestic use. In the right location these can be extremely efficient helping to reduce electricity bills and your carbon footprint.